I have been fighting to create a more fair, just, and equitable American society for most of my life.  As a sociologist, I have written and taught about inequality and injustices in our society.  I am striving to put my expertise and training to use in a practical and broader fashion for the 10th district and for American people. People died for me to be where I am today, and I am striving to give back for their sacrifices.


I and many others are extremely disappointed with our current representation in Congress. We need someone to represent us who has a progressive agenda for positive change.  I am not satisfied with the status quo. We have to step outside our comfort zones to create spaces for courageous and possibly difficult conversations about the path forward for all Americans.


I am a change agent, author, and professor, and have a long history of community service. I earned my doctorate in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently the Director for the Center for Global Education and Experiences, Director of the Africana Institute and Associate Professor of Sociology at Essex County College. I am the author of "The Hidden Debate: The Truth Revealed about the Battle over Affirmative Action in South Africa and the United States.


I have been recognized for my community service work by the United States Congress, the California State Senate, the New Jersey State Assembly, and several municipalities in New Jersey. I was the Vice President of the West Orange African Heritage Organization, and a Commissioner on the West Orange Human Relations Commission. I was also an Advisor to the UNESCO Center for Global Education and previously served as a member on the Essex-Newark Coalition to End Homelessness.